Weymouth Cars

Located in Westham Weymouth, we are a friendly and reliable taxi service serving Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, Bridport and surrounding areas. we can provide four, six and eight seater vehicles.

Founded By John Hanson and Bob Anderson, with many years of experience in taxi services across Weymouth and Portland. We have worked together to develop a  local service that is fair, friendly and reliable from all our female and male operators and drivers


Design-Showcase and Weymouth Cars.

When Weymouth cars came to Design-Showcase there web presence was non existent and required some help. the guys down there are great and have done really well none of them were amazing at computers and they needed to step there presence on the web up. design showcase was use there existing logo and construct various graphics that were then used to layout and begin the structure of there website. They didn’t want anything too complicated, just something that was clean and easy to use by both employees and the public.

the website has the main core elements to start your web presence – Home page, About Page , Services page and importantly a contact page. the website was then filled with professionally taken photographs of the business, information, reviews, contact forms, price tables and more. this was all linked into there Facebooks page which was filled with the same graphics and photos to generate a company identity across the web that was consistent on all the used platforms.

take a look through the gallery at what we have achieved. or test drive it your self and head over to www.weymouthcars.co.uk.


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