Travel Trunk

What is Travel Trunk

Unpack the exciting world of travel with travel photographer, writer and blogger Geoff Moore that’s me!
Over 20 years of experience with features, images appearing in many many international magazines, books, newspapers and online.
Catch up with news via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I am a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers for 7 years and I am currently serving on the committee with responsibility for Travel Industry Outreach.

What I produced for Travel Trunk

Travel Trunk is starting to do short feature videos and required an intro, I had nothing to work from but the initial logo and a short description given to me by Geoff. So I went away and mocked up some ideas and some plans and began working with what Travel Trunk is all about. I knew about the  suitcase, and  that travel trunk was all about pictures and news whilst traveling. From this I was able to use my skills of 3d modelling, animation, graphic design and media composition, to be able to create this fresh characteristic video intro to be used at the start and end of Travel Trunk Videos.

The Video features the suitcase from the feature image above, going on a journey and popping open from all the fantastic pictures it took on its travels.