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Unpack the exciting world of travel with travel photographer, writer and blogger Geoff Moore 

Over 20 years of experience with features, images appearing in many many international magazines, books, newspapers and online.
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How Design-Showcase facilitated Travel Trunks design needs

Travel Trunk 3D Intro 2019

Travel Trunk, Has been one of my longest-running clients and had come back to me with a new website and logo and asked if I could produce a new animated intro to match the new aesthetic and branding.

The previous intro can be seen here 


the previous intro was a 3d animated suitcase that danced and jumped about the screen displaying Travel Trunks fantastic Photographs. since the production of that animation. things have advanced in many ways and I too have learned lots so this time we wanted something that was bigger and better.

Beginning with the logo I Started to 3d model out the main suitcase, pulling and modifying vertexes and meshes to construct the body of the suitcase. this was then duplicated and scaled to form the smaller case as well.

After rigging and texturing that wrapped up the main animated assets and I could begin the environment modeling.

The Environment 

Next was the environment, for the environment I wanted to make it as immersive as I possibly could and really give the experience of being in an airport. The best way when constructing an environment is location or environment research, I based my research on personal experience and reference images of airports I searched on google. once I have done my research I started  to construct the environment in my head picturing where things are going to go and the rough scale of things. From this, I then begin using poly meshes and extrusion and vertex modelling methods to begin to construct each of the assets required for the scene. It’s important when modelling to really think about how things are constructed in reality and apply the same construction method to your environment this way you ensure you going to achieve an aesthetically pleasing model close to you reference and the real thing. This will help make your environment more immersive. 

By following industry-standard modeling methods it also ensures you model is clean and suitable for game engine or easier texturing and rigging. By having a clean poly model that’s consistently made up out of quads it makes life a lot easier when texturing especially Uv Texturing. I Used Uv texturing for this project, this is just one method of texturing for 3d models. This method was used within the render engine Arnold For Maya, this meant I was working with AiStandardSurface Shaders throughout my model, these allow for some nice quick selection presets than can be altered and modified in the attributes menu in Autodesk Maya to achieve various finishes like chrome, matte plastic, car paint, glass, water,milk, slime and many more. 

Graphics & Lighting 

With the walls and signage, I wanted to fill it with content relevant to the Travel Trunk Viewers rather than airport graphics, this way there is no copyright issues or anything as each graphic is made for the project. the final thing to do in the scene was the lighting this was done through the use of Maya Area Lights. which are great for large panel light like you would get in an airport. The scene is now ready for animating and rendering.