sarah's Handmade Boutique

What Design Showcase Did For Sarah’s handmade boutique 


Sarah, came to design showcase in great need of a business card and logo deign. we first sat down and scoped out what here business was all about and a little about her from this we interpreted a style and began to generate some ideas from sizing, fonts, name and colours that would suit her target audience and also reflect her business.

I went away and began sketching up a few different ideas from vintage styles to floral to modern. and each one was ticking the correct boxes we then sat down again and went through the designs picking out elements that worked really well from this I was able to generate one final design which had all the desired elements and showed class and creativity with this semi sketch style logo with serif scripted font.

She was extremely pleased with the final out come and went on to order the design as her business cards.

Design-Showcase is currently developing its store, please do not attempt to order as it will not be processed until launch. any enquiries or questions please email or call 07455290141 Dismiss

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