Hair By Jodie Lane

Jodie came to me in need of some price list designs that would be classy and visually appealing for all her clients, the only things I had to consider was the colours she gave me which was black, white and grey. from this I was able to mix this in with a suitable structural layout,stylish font and some graphics that I had created, the colours were played with and the lighting and opacity was changed on everything to keep a constant blend between background to foreground aspects. Also incorporated was a floral swirl illustration to lift the overall design more and add  flare, this helps to fill out the design and add a style to the leaflet.

Along with the price list a version for Facebook was also created using the same assets but arranged in a different way to become more effective. the text in the image was moved around so that the picture can be set as a cover photo on Facebook but still have all the necessary  information visible and not obstructed by the profile name and picture.



Do you  recognise the graphics in the background?   They were from one of my projects in the Design-Library  – cosmetic icons. you can find out more about them and even download yourself a copy over HERE

Update- 25/6/2016

Jodie came back to Design-Showcase following her Price lists to ask for more to help her business grow and thrive. Design-Showcase was able to produce a range of graphically consistent marketing materials to assist Jodie to make her business noticed, and that her clients received the information needed.

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