Social media 

Social media today’s most mainstream social interaction on PC, tablet and mobile. Social media is everywhere and is used for everything ; business, competitions, information, travel, shopping, games and more. Social media has became so catastrophically popular due to its simplistic look and functionality weather you need to message to a friend, tweet a funny video or need those extra lives on candy crush.

Social media is becoming a central column to are daily lives and its not just for fun, If your running a business or company social interaction is extremely important. the reason it is so important is it brings interaction with your customers or users which is not available with every business. When running a business customer interaction is key and by engaging with the customer u can ensure that they are getting the service that they expect and give them a positive view on your services therefore they are more likely to share with there friends and family. so keeping socially interactive is important for many reasons and by linking all your social media back to each other and to your website for example can help spread your content or product out to more viewers. So if you are just starting out and want to get out there and be known just turn your self to social media

Popular social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Instagram.

I felt that a lot of the social icons out there are quite boring and very much the same so i decided to come up with some drink themed social icons which would be great if you own a cafe, bar, club or have a drink themed website.

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