The Ultimate Wargaming Terrain

 What is BattleBoards
My name is Richard Hale, and I am the creative director and founder of Battleboards Ltd. Having been a committed wargaming enthusiast since my teenage years, with Games Workshop’s founding and their release of the original Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader game, I have long felt that there has been a solid, understated market for tabletop terrain on which wargames can be held. With many such sets home-made by enthusiasts, and the officially endorsed sets never having the full scope or quality that many wargamers clamour for.
I founded Battleboards in order to provide the wargaming community with the highest quality of terrain for use in their hobby as was possible; a moniker that I feel is upheld to this day. Battleboards strives constantly to be the absolute highest quality wargaming terrain available today, providing sets of boards that are superbly detailed, as well as being durable, light, and easy to move and store, and each set having the highest degree of interchangeability that can be achieved. In this way, any tabletop gamer using Battleboards can have a different experience with each new game, as they find new configurations for their boards, or introduce new boards to their collection.

Battleboards required a new website due to the old one being messy and unorganised, first we talked about fixing and sorting out the previous website but it was that much of a mess and had many errors that it would mean striping it down and rebuilding it, instead we decided to go for a re-image and design of the entire website. The old website had an outdated look and multiple add ons and features that did not fully work, so when redesigning and building not only did we give battleboards a new look but also a ton of awesome up to date features to help them share there content and sell there products. The new battleboards website started as a premium Ecommerce theme it was then stripped back by myself and graphically re-built to suit the responsive modern look we wanted. as the weeks went on more features began to be added from youtube feeds to responsive gallery pages, woo-commerce and many more. Battleboards now has a fully functional, up to date website to share there pictures and videos of what they have been working on and more importantly to help promote there products and services.


The NEW Battleboards website went live  26th of June 2015