Hello Everyone,

Finished this little model up today which was a part of a collaboration project that I was involved in to remodel a part of London in a steampunk style with our own imaginative twist on the buildings. The building that my small group was given was London County hall, as you can see from the images I decided to take on the roof and left the rest of the building to the others. Everyone’s models look great and  I hope I can upload some final renders of it all together and possibly a video of all the buildings in the project.

We all used Autodesk Maya to produce our models and other various software as well like Photoshop which was great for texturing our models, along with the Mental ray shaders which adds great attributes to the models especially for materials like the copper piping which needed that extra shine and reflection. Mental ray also allowed us to add a physical sun and sky which gives it that final desired look.

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